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Medana Bay is in the red circle in North Lombok close to the three Gili isles with views of Mount Rinjani to the east at 3,726m high. The sailing route from Java and Bali to Flores and other eastern islands follows this route. The new international airport of Lombok is 90 minutes away near Praya, Central Lombok.
Basin Coordinates:  08°21.833’S   116°07.750’E  
Entry transit point:  08°20.432’S    116°07.685’E
VHF Channel 17

Mobile contact: +62 818 037 67041 (Miss Wulan)


Sea Chart





The approach from the east tracks through 08°20.067’S and 116°08.361’E in deep water to our transit point at 08°20.432’S and 116°07.685’E when it bears south into Medana Bay – locally called Teluk Dalem, meaning Deep Bay. If your approach is a little to the north of this track you may be surprised by the depths suddenly becoming shallower from over 20m to just 7m as you pass over some coral. Don’t be alarmed – you do still have 7m of water in this shallow spot. 
The approach from the west tracks in north of Gili Air and Gili Trawangan to the same transit point, keeping half of Gili Meno in your sights behind Gili Air to the transit point.
The mooring basin is at 08°21.833’S   116°07.750’E with an approach transit point almost due north at 08°20.432’S and 116°07.685’E. Please refer to our Sea Chart and ‘google earth’ map.
From the transit point please observe and align your transit with the Leading Marks set beside our pontoons on the beach – two white squares with red outlines. These will bring you safely along a deep water channel 300m wide and 30m deep into the central mooring area 150m wide and 15m deep. At night time the rear upper marker has a white vertical strip light, and the lower forward light is a vertical blue strip.
Unfortunately our Port (red) and Starboard (green) marker buoys, set at 4m depth near the coral reefs, are subject to vandalism by local fisherman. It is best to follow the Leading Marks.

The mooring buoys are the plain black floats


Sea Track SV Songster      Sea Track MBM

Leading Marks


The attached Sea Track is a download kindly supplied by Jackie & Brian of SV ‘Songster’ on September 2009 using the ‘MaxSea’ system on CMAP with skipper Brian’s hand written comments.

Please refer to this Sea Track and our Transit Point approach map from ‘google earth’





A lifelong love of the sea and its environs brought us together to fulfill a dream and build a marina on Lombok. Between us we have a range of skills, knowledge and networks wide enough to bring this project to fruition.
Our plan is to build a marina and develop the surrounding property to provide a safe and friendly environment which meets the needs and requirements of a range of boat lovers and those that simply like to live close to the sea, enlivened by the activities of sailors and boats on their doorstep. The facilities will need to meet international standards in terms of environmental protection and well trained staff to provide top quality service whilst holding our costs and prices to moderate levels.
Medana Bay was selected in 2006 as an ideal spot on Lombok since it meets the requirements for such a project from both the marine and landside development aspects. The bay is a natural safe harbour, protected from the prevailing major winds and waves, beside the preferred sailing route to the eastern isles, yet within easy day sailing from the Gilis, and short trips to the Sekotong peninsula and surrounding islets. On the land side there is established infrastructure, suitably large open land plots to integrate into the project, and nearby hotels and a golf course to provide an early nucleus of facilities and activity.
PT Wisata Alam Samudera is the name of the corporate body and received the support required from the local authorities; the Bupati, the Harbour Master, the Communications Department and the Governor of NTB province. Marine consultants from LAPI-ITB Bandung completed the initial engineering studies and the detailed bathymetric survey. Mataram University assisted with the environmental surveys and assessments required for a number of presentations and reports by the company.
The Department of Sea Communications in Jakarta issued a license for the development of a private harbour and associated facilities to PT WAS in September 2009 and issued the construction license in January 2011.
Medana Bay Marina successfully hosted Sail Indonesia Bunaken in 2009 with over ninety yachts enjoying the facilities and Lombok in general and has continued to do so annually, including Sail Indonesia Komodo 2013 gathering together here in North Lombok in September.
Owning the rights to six hectares in the bay and over seven hectares on land, the company has completed the first stage development of a small 17 room hotel overlooking the gardens and bay, a 200 person meeting hall and separate covered buffet reception area, together with our beachside café, Sailfish, and more importantly a floating berth system rigidly attached to the concrete shore anchor block. This provides berthing for 10 vessels with metered pedestal electrical supply and metered fresh water. The company is now in the detailed planning stage for the longer term development of the marina with an inner lagoon, slipway, hardstand and maintenance facilities together with the associated landside amenities.




  1. Many marinas in Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore. So far none in Indonesia in a blue water, island setting.

  2. Lombok is 8-9 degrees South – opposite weather pattern to Langkawi & Thailand. Our best weather: June to September. Monsoon weather in Phuket at that time.

  3. Identified and surveyed a site, completed early engineering.

  4. Deep water access, safe from major winds and waves.

  5. Acquired the rights to a 7 hectare site.

  6. Existing Oberoi Resort and Kosaido golf course adjacent.

  7. Indonesian companies for project development formed and permits for a recreational harbour (marina) granted.




  1. Safe, deep water access for water craft.

  2. Minimum exposure to prevailing winds.

  3. On preferred north coast sailing route to Flores.

  4. Proximity to Gili islands for day sailing activities.

  5. Natural harbour setting – minimal excavation required.

  6. Existing landside infrastructure – roads, water, electricity: require upgrading, not pioneering.

  7. Nearby high quality golf course and hotel.

  8. Within the designated tourist development area.

  9. Nearby educated workforce, ready for training.


google earth picture

A google picture of Medana Bay – clearly showing the coral reef on the left (west),
and the sand bank to the right (east).
The small white dots are boats moored in deep water (10m depth) just offshore our site.
The proposed breakwater shape, extending 200m north is shown in white.


wind rose
tranquil lagoon

Wind Rose. Medana Bay is only open to winds and waves from the North and North East. It is totally protected  from the more frequent and stronger westerlies and southerlies.


Outer & Inner Harbour plan with breakwater – natural water depths of over 12m. Channel to inner harbour, with excavated depth of 5m – which provides 2.5m water at lowest low tide. This model was used for our development cost estimation.


An alternative plan for the inner lagoon – using a lock between the sea and the tranquil inner harbour.





The project – Medana Bay Marina – is owned by Mrs. Ace Robin and an Indonesian company
specifically formed for the development of the project:

                PT. Wisata Alam Samudera


The Directors of the company are:

                Mrs. Ace Robin

                Mrs. Ala Robin

                Capt. Yaniza Putra


Technical Input:

    Peter Cranfield (British) – Engineer with 30 years practical experience in SE Asia in mining project development and business.

    Capt. Yaniza Putra (Indonesian) –Merchant Marine & Harbours, Maritime Law.


Directors of PT. Wisata Alam Samudera, the managing company at Medana Bay Marina.

Ace Robin
Capt. Tresna
Ala Robin

MBM Managing Director
Mrs. Ace Robin

MBM Technical Director
Capt. Tresna Yaniza Putra

MBM Marketing Director
Mrs. Ala Robin



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